BusinessLife Coaching–
Help to overcome barriers to business growth such as accessing finance; providing access to business mentors; help with starting a growth businesses; assistance to make better use of digital technologies and in depth business coaching for high growth clients.

My name is Peter Marcus and I am a BusinessLife Coach. I was born and raised in the Post war England of the late 1940’s. As a self-made man my journey has taken me across continents. I have had life-changing relationships and founded successful businesses.

My experiences have served me well. Today and for the past 30 years I have had the privilege of joining together with great women and men in building and directing management teams, increasing sales and bring revolutionary products to market.

I work closely with members of the the entertainment industry, sports fitness education professionals, emergent technology companies and serve a small number non-profit communities. I love what I do and I am grateful for the people I get to work with and the organizations they serve.

My approach with clients is one of listening, and in providing a safe space for openness and with that bring direction and coordination to business team building. I offer honest, thoughtful and respectful feedback along with some humor, compassion and guidance in support of building your management team.

Together we will use your existing resources, open up your thoughts, explore ideas and discover individual and team greatness.

BusinessLife Coaching is based on a clear understanding between us that this is our work, together we have schedules and make commitments and with that – support the progress with an agreed upon inspection program. We will uncover some truths, explore team awareness and in doing so help to shape and define your deeper sense of purpose in all its possibilities.

As a BusinessLife Coach it is an honor to offer support in the lives of my clients here in the USA and in the UK.

Would it help you to Increase your active listening skills?
Experience and gain knowledge of your change management principles and methodologies.

Grow your own exceptional communications written and verbal skills.

Call me 831-320-0803 – I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss the changes you want to implement, and with that support and help you and your team to play your bigger game.

Thank You
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