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leadership as an expression of yourself

It’s All About You

Peter Marcus Coaching methodology, is all about you exercising your leadership effectively and in you being a leader as an expression of yourself. Let’s explore you being the leader, and let’s explore that word being.

I currently live in Palm Beach, Florida, and you can call me directly at 831-320-0803 – and email me directly

I am a founding mentor at FAU’s Tech Runway, and serve as Entrepreneur Coach in Residence for Startup Palm Beach.

 Peter Marcus Coaching is a proud sponsor of The Fathering Forum

Peter Marcus - Presenter


It’s your business life we’re talking about

PMC Owner/ Partner coaching is an effective process.

Designed for you the Business owner, or Senior partner.

And with that, bring support to leadership of your executive team.

Our objective is – clarity for you, in your business and professional life.

Together we apply strategies designed to ensure your business objectives are met, and with that, support you in your role as an owner.

We do this, using a variety of tried and tested, together with some very innovative tools and  leadership techniques.

It’s all about you playing a bigger game in your life.


Peter hosts the Palm Beach Luncheon Group to network and hone BusinessLife skills.


Join us on the second Tuesday of every month for our Executive Women’s Luncheon
and the fourth Friday of each month for our Luncheon Group.


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BusinessLife Coaching

Guest Posts


“Peter is an excellent listener and helps with getting you on track and finding your focus.” – Dejra Turley, CEO/Founder and Entrepreneur: A Star for the Night Foundation

“What I found most helpful was the inspiration that I got from Peter about what I was attempting. I left the meeting with the knowledge that I could do it–that my project would be fabulous and successful. And that I could do anything I set my mind to.” – Sarah Naumann, MLIS Instruction, Reference, Research Librarian

“Mr. Marcus was able to guide me in a way that everyone who participated in creating the event felt like a winner, the stakeholders had all of their results realized, and the participants said they had received great benefits from their participation. It was also a lot of fun.” – Tom McCarter, Event Planner at David & Lucile Packard Foundation

“Peter is one of the most enthusiastic and determined people I’ve met. He gets things done with a passion and drive that is second to none. He is an excellent communicator, he is organized and has a wealth of experience to draw upon.” – Kwame Jeffers, Sr. Lotus Notes Developer Sr. Lotus Notes Administrator

“Peter is an upright man. I love his straight forward way of being. We have led grand projects together on an International scale with amazing results.” – Mitchell Desser, Real Estate Construction Project Management Expert

“Peter is nothing short of a professional filled with wisdom, experience and talent. He is proactive, open-hearted, and willing to go the extra mile to guide people to live their dreams. Peter also has a powerful network, in which he openly matches people who can benefit from knowing each other.” – J Mark Winger, E-Commerce Marketing Specialist, Solutions Provider, Entrepreneur


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