Analyzing Who You Have Become & Where Your Business Is

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Who are you today?

Where is your business today?

How has the past defined you and your business?

What will you and your business look like in the future?

“Have a look at who you have become.”

We use this statement to encourage a deep self-reflection. Often self-reflection looks at areas of our life separately, compartmentalizing different skills, goals, accomplishments, and weaknesses.

However, “have a look at who you have become” integrates all areas of your life together. It plays a bigger game by taking a look at your business, your professional life, and your personal life as a single unit.

What you have accomplished in your business has a direct effect on your personal life, and the skills or weaknesses you have in your personal life influence your professional one. They are one and the same because you are one person.

A thorough self-reflection looks at the union of “me” and “my business.”

Tangible accomplishments

All of your accomplishments can be understood through “what” questions.

  • What have I done?
  • What have I accomplished this week, this month, this year?
  • What ideas have I had?  
  • What have I created, written, or produced?
  • What changes have I made?
  • What clients have I served?
  • What do I feel good about having accomplished?

Give yourself credit for these answers. No matter how stuck or stagnant you may feel, you accomplish something each and every time you put effort into your business. You deserve to recognize yourself for these achievements. This acknowledgment will encourage you to continue to succeed and thrive.

But it’s about more than just patting yourself on the back. A reflection of your accomplishments also helps you better understand yourself and your business.

Which accomplishments did you enjoy most? Which parts did you prefer doing? What were the great moments? Where was the fun?

Maybe you notice that you enjoy serving a specific type of client. Maybe you even feel best about the productive ideas you have on Monday mornings. Take note of the accomplishments that make you feel great; these will show you where you should be focusing your effort towards growth.

These accomplishments can also be your motivation for your business life—and motivation is crucial for success.

Tangible improvements

Now that you have looked at your accomplishments, reflect on the skills that you have improved upon. Notice what they are: What would you have considered a weakness a year ago that you now feel comfortable with? What are your everyday results and masteries that allow you to move forward?

Overall, ask yourself: what have I learned, and how have I grown?

This is about the building of your character today. This is not a time to look at your weaknesses or perceived flaws. This looks at the skills that you have achieved and how you have improved upon them.

List the learned skills with which you would identify yourself now: Are you a better communicator? Are you a better thinker? Are you a better writer? Are you a better presenter? Are you more playful, fun, or determined?

Think about how you have achieved these skills: Have you attended workshops? Are you networking? Are you listening and asking for feedback? How are you interacting with business partners, family, and friends?

Think of those skills you have learned that make your business easier: Are you seeing things through to the end? Are you completing tasks? Are you charging higher fees? Are you exploring new avenues?

Reflect on these changes. How have the skills you have learned and the ways through which you have learned them influenced your business? Think about how these personal improvements have simplified, streamlined, or enhanced your company. Notice how achieving your personal goals helps achieve professional ones as well.

Who have you become?

Take a step back and look at the list of your tangible accomplishments and improvements.

How have these molded you into who you are today?

Who have you become?

Can you see the changes in yourself?

Can others see the changes in you?

Think about the possible qualities you have today due to your experiences leading up to this point. Are you more:

  • Confident?
  • Resourceful?
  • Explorative?
  • Curious?
  • Committed?
  • Determined?
  • Creative?
  • Positive?
  • Productive?
  • Understanding?
  • Intuitive?
  • Inspired?
  • Inspiring?
  • Happy?

After reflecting on your inner skills, think about external forces that also impact who you have become.

What kinds of people are you attracting into your BusinessLife?

With whom do you surround yourself?

Do you have people who build you up? Do you have people who give you feedback and constructive criticism?

Within what environment do you operate? How has that influenced you?

What effect do you have on others? Are you helping to build and grow your team and those around you?

You may have improved upon all of these areas or just one. You may feel like you have made phenomenal strides, or you may feel you still have places of growth. Either way is fine. An honest self-reflection helps you understand who you are and the impact on your business.

This is the building of your character today.

Conclusion: Analyzing the full You

Taking time to self-reflect is crucial to acceptance and growth. You are more self-aware by understanding who you have become and how you have gotten here. You can use this self-awareness to continue to develop and grow.

But self-reflection should not be separated into sections. You are a single person, and your personal and professional lives will always overlap. This is not a bad thing. This means that personal growth can positively impact your business, and company successes can further develop you personally. It creates a conjoint relationship of progression.

Analyze where you are in your business and in your life. Take a step back to recognize your accomplishments and determine which have made you happiest or proudest. Think about the areas in which you have improved and how you have gone about doing so. Notice how these have affected your growth and development up to this point.

Who are you today will influence who you are in the future. Learning from your previous successes will help you grow towards future accomplishments.

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