About BusinessLife Coaching

What is BusinessLife Coaching?

It’s your business and your life we’re talking about –

BusinessLife coaching is based on a clear understanding between us – that together we have schedules, and make commitments towards fulfilling objectives. Your progress is supported with an agreed upon inspection program. We will uncover some truths, explore your team awareness, so that, you shape and define your sense of Mission and Core Values, in all possibilities.

We will  work together, to bring greater success to your business.

Why might you choose BusinessLife Coaching?

Formulating a business, career or personal strategy
Going through a life in transition
Building a new skill
Resolving a dilemma
Tackling a challenge
Experiencing problems with working relationships

Are you experiencing issues that hold you back and which you are struggling to address alone? If so, coaching may well be able to help. In a series of conversations with your coach we will explore:

Your vision, goals and objectives
Your current situation and where you choose to make change
The opportunities open to you
The actions you choose to take
Your experience and learning from taking action

How does BusinessLife Coaching help you?

Listening and giving you my full attention
Asking questions through which you can explore your situation
Helping you set well-formed outcomes and goals
Generating options and asking you to commit to specific actions
Reviewing your performance and your learning from undertaking those actions
Supporting and challenging your beliefs about yourself and the world
Acting as a sounding board
Interpreting with you any profiles or feedback from third parties
Making suggestions where appropriate
Identifying and mobilising appropriate resources
Sharing their own knowledge and experience

Allowing you, to learn more about yourself in a way that will benefit your Business Life.

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