About Debra

Hi, I’m Debra Jane Wales…teacher, coach, speaker, creator, miracle facilitator, global traveller and health foodie. My passion and expertise lie in empowering and facilitating people on their path to self discovery, wellbeing and transformation. I  gently encourage and support your dive into the deep blue ocean of the SELF, wherein lie infinite facets of your true essential nature. Here, you will experience true self intimacy, true self acceptance and true self love….

21st century business – thrilling and exciting on one hand, intense and fast-paced on the other. This is a pivotal time in history whereby business and corporations are being asked to move into a new paradigm creating collaboration, innovation and workplace ethics. Getting ahead and staying ahead is no longer about personal gain, it’s about finding new tools and cultivating existing tools, whereby both employers and employees feel part of a shared vision and open communication channel.

It still remains however, that many employers and employees are feeling the effects of stress and poor attention in the workplace. Corporations are experiencing low productivity, high absenteeism and high company turnover. Many employees feel uncared for, disempowered and unhappy. The invention of technology and media has made it possible to navigate the planet in a second, and yet there is a feeling of depletion, constant anxiety and having less and less time to do the things that are important.

So, why do we keep banging heads against the proverbial wall, when it is obvious a move into action is required, whereby old patterns are navigated in different and more effective ways????

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