About Patrick

Who am I?

A question we often ask ourselves but rarely take the time to thoughtfully answer. My name is Patrick Johnsen. I grew up in a small town in Indiana and enjoyed the simple childhood offered in a typical midwestern community. I spent my youth dedicating myself to the sports I love: basketball, hockey, and football. I learned basic values like, teamwork, discipline, dedication, and persistence. These qualities have guided me through the most difficult and challenging moments in my life and have supported my motivation to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Almost ten years ago I moved to Palm Beach, Florida and began to work with some of the most successful and powerful professionals in the world. I seized the opportunity to learn from people who had accumulated vast sums of wealth, something I thought was a necessity for success and happiness. What I experienced proved the opposite. Wealth was not a determining factor in being personally content and satisfied. It was either inherited or it was the result of careful business planning, precise accounting, clear vision, and calculated risk. The good news was that financial security was something that could be attained by anyone willing to put in the work and follow some basic principals. The bad news was that making a lot of money was not going to guarantee my happiness. I would need to look within myself to find peace of heart and mind.

Peter Marcus has been a positive force in my life since we became neighbors and got to know each other through our mutual passions of gardening and running on the beach. He quickly became more than just a friend when I began thinking about moving to Italy. He provided support, advice, and played the devil’s advocate to perfection as I tried to work out the logistical details and emotional conflicts I was facing. He was an integral part of the success that I am having now which makes working with him now even more rewarding.

After moving to Italy, marrying the love of my life, and teaching english for a year in private school  I ventured out on my own. I focused my energy in two areas; teaching english through team sports in the public schools and providing corporate english training and translations. Both areas have proved equally successful and rewarding but only after a visit from Peter last spring did I come to understand the true potential.

It is with great excitement and anticipation I start this learning opportunity with Peter. I am eager to implement his strategies of how to play a bigger game in my life and to bring the most to my clients and students.

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