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Evaluating Business Strategies

April 25, 2017 by in category Development, Leadership tagged as , , ,

Leadership is a lot more than a high-ranking title and being in charge of decision making. You have the authority to tell people what to do, but if you are not a good leader, you will not be able to guide your staff to obtain results. In this article we will discuss how effectively evaluating […]

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Case Study: The Strategy Behind the Client Acquisition Game with BusinessLife Italia

April 20, 2017 by in category BusinessLife, Case Study, Development tagged as , , ,

    Last month, we met Patrick Johnsen and were introduced to BusinessLife Italia. In the first BusinessLife Italia case study, we learned about how Patrick’s background and experiences helped him formulate a new business. Through Peter’s coaching experience and Patrick’s unique proficiencies, BusinessLife Italia was born. This month, we will be discussing the strategy behind […]

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Building a Strategy to Accomplish Your Objectives

April 19, 2017 by in category Business, Development tagged as , ,

Whether you are building a business from scratch, implementing a marketing campaign in a major corporation, or devising a pivot, no project is possible without a plan and a strategy put in place before execution. Building a thorough and comprehensive strategy will bring you to this crucial end result. It will carry you towards meeting […]

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Analyzing Who You Have Become & Where Your Business Is

April 18, 2017 by in category BusinessLife, Development, Leadership tagged as , , , ,

Who are you today? Where is your business today? How has the past defined you and your business? What will you and your business look like in the future? “Have a look at who you have become.” We use this statement to encourage a deep self-reflection. Often self-reflection looks at areas of our life separately, […]

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Setting Objectives in Your BusinessLife

April 11, 2017 by in category BusinessLife, Development, Leadership tagged as , ,

Central to every business strategy are its goals and objectives. However, too often business owners do not take the time to understand business goals and objectives, and the role each plays. Diffen defines a goal as “The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed,” and an objective as “Something that one’s efforts or actions are […]

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Coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training

April 7, 2017 by in category Business, Development, Leadership tagged as , , , , ,

It often feels like coaching, training, consulting, and mentoring are synonyms of one another, used and discussed interchangeably. Although there are similarities in the ways they are used and approached, there are also clear differences that should be addressed to better understand how to approach business growth and development. It’s important to know when, what, […]

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Case Study: Patrick Johnsen & The Founding of BusinessLife Italia

March 26, 2017 by in category BusinessLife, Case Study, Development tagged as , , , ,

Next up in our case study series is BusinessLife Italia. As the first integral expansion of BusinessLife by Marcus Coaching, BusinessLife Italia is an emerging business coaching program in northern Italy, co-founded by Patrick Johnsen and Peter Marcus. Introducing Patrick Johnsen Four years ago, Patrick Johnsen was moving to northern Italy with his wife. As […]

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Adding Value Through Alliance Development

March 23, 2017 by in category Business, Culture, Development tagged as , , ,

The benefits of a strategic alliance are desirable for every business regardless of industry or scale. Generally speaking, an alliance is a way for two companies to work together for mutual benefit. Think of it as smart partnering—a practical way forward. Both companies can get to work without worrying about the complexities of mergers or […]

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Invitation & Commitment

March 21, 2017 by in category Development, Growth tagged as , , ,

In business, everything revolves around relationships. The relationships between buyers and sellers, between employees, between prospective clients and their pain points. This month, we’re discussing the health and development of a business, so with that we address the concept of invitation and commitment. An invitation is something offered out, by you or by another party, […]

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Overcoming Resistance

March 15, 2017 by in category Business, BusinessLife, Culture tagged as , , ,

Resistance is the most common cause of failure or stagnancy in organizations, from the largest corporation to an individual entrepreneur. It can be resistance to change, resistance to newness, and resistance to the unknown. This pushback manifests in different ways, in different stages, in every company, and in every person. However, resistance can drastically and […]

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