What Others Say

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“Working with Peter has brought me clarity in founding and growing my business. He is an excellent confidant, coach, and friend.”

Vanessa Calas, Founder
Palm Beach Content Co.

“Peter taught me how to run an effective meeting, which made a huge difference for me as a manager.”

Erin Udell, Founder
Mandala Method, My Own Home Project

“Peter helps me refine me questions and my talks. He helps me ask more powerful questions, of myself and of my clients.”

Charlie Hugh-Jones, Life & Business Strategist

“I realized I needed someone to help me bring organization, help design a plan for growth, and prioritize. That person was Peter.”

James Margolles, Founder
Island Water

“Peter is a great sounding board. He acts as de facto partner and part of my team.”

Paul Bergman, Real Estate Agent

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