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Marcus Coaching is all about you, and your A, B, C’s – Your Attitude, Your Belief and Your Commitment.

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Marcus Coaching
“Peter is the best coach you could ever have. He inspired me to get beyond my fear of failure/success and find how I could apply myself to what I really wanted to do in life. Following his guidance I went from a concept on paper to leading a non-profit organization that provides essential services (renewable food sources) for the less fortunate in our communities, and that was just in 3 months. His ability to help you find the tools and fortitude of character within yourself to pursue your goals/dreams is second to none. One of the greatest gifts Peter gave me was the ability to look at myself honestly and without guilt daily and use these observations to achieve the goals I have set forth for myself and my organization.
With his help, I was able to rediscover my strengths and apply them actively to everything I do. I take everything I do to the next level. I strive daily for excellence in every aspect of my life. I am a better father, man and human being because of the work I do with Peter and I am just getting started.
I highly recommend Marcus Coaching to anyone who desires more out of their life and/or business than they thought possible.” August 23, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

David Daman
hired Peter as a Business and Personal Coach in 2009
“Peter has blown my mind over and over again. His insights, thoughtful questions and clear, precise direction have guided me in countless ways. I feel empowered after each coaching session we have, to take on my next mountain and to do it well. He is powerful, compassionate and trustworthy in his work.” May 6, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Andy Rado
hired Peter as a Project Management in 2011
“Peter and I have worked together on many events, and I have immensely benefited from his mentor-ship whenever I have worked with or under Peter. Peter helps me cause success by inspecting the reasons why I am doing something, gauging my commitment, and by coaching me to come up with my purpose.” July 24, 2010

Roger Krone, Training Event Manager, Men’s Divisions International
worked with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Peter and I have worked together in many capacities at more than one organization and frankly, I look forward to doing so again. He has supported me in my accountabilities and I him in his. I find the experience of working with him to be essentially valuable and productive, a pleasure.

Peter Marcus is a talented listener, a characteristic that I would say is sadly rare in business today. His commitment to producing results is unwavering and he is unintimidated by challenging circumstances. I have seen Peter thrive in environments where pressure was extremely high as well as where the overall project was moving at a leisurely pace. He is adaptable and talented.
As a coach, Peter is careful and patient, willing to work to find the point bearing the unraveling of the current “knot”. His contribution to any team is undeniable.
I continue to request him on my team and look forward to the day when he makes the step and joins my firm, permanently.
doug” July 21, 2010

Douglas Hoffman, Principal, ALS Consulting
worked with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Peter is a coach that can draw out from the client, rather than inject his own views. So, the result is more focus and unbelievable progress. He can take a confusing or highly charged set of circumstances and provide a well grounded, client driven answer. In other words he can reveal what is present in the client and produce results.” July 15, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jim Enright
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2000, and hired Peter more than once
“Peter provided valuable guidance and mentorship to me while I was managing the Circles of Men IV event. The event was a huge success, both for the men involved and me personally, and I am certain that Peter’s mentorship was a key element in the positive outcome.” July 14, 2010

Greg Brown, Allumni, Men’s Divisions International
worked directly with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Peter is an excellent listener and helps with getting you on track and finding your focus.” July 3, 2010
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Dejra Turley
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2009
“I have known Peter for over 12 years. Peter has an amazing talent as a coach and mentor that I experienced when I asked him for advice on a project. Peter gave me direction and creative ideas that enabled me to move forward with my project. What I found most helpful was the inspiration that I got from Peter about what I was attempting. I left the meeting with the knowledge that I could do it–that my project would be fabulous and successful. And that I could do anything I set my mind to.
I highly recommend Peter.

Sarah Naumann, Writer, Inspired Research
worked directly with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Actually, Mr. Marcus exemplifies all of the standards listed here, but I could only choose my top three. Last year, I enlisted Mr. Marcus to mentor me . I was putting together a convention in Las Vegas for an organization I belong to, Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI). We had never held a convention for our members before and we had never held a meeting in a city where we did not already have a chapter. My services were requested because I am a certified meeting professional (CMP). Everyone I worked with was a volunteer. Mr. Marcus was able to guide me in a way that everyone who participated in creating the event felt like a winner, the stakeholders had all of their results realized, and the participants said they had received great benefits from their participation. It was also a lot of fun. If you’re smart, you’ll hire Mr. Marcus to guide you in whatever is next for you in your life.” June 27, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Tom McCarter
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2009
“Peter is one of the most enthusiastic and determined people I’ve met. He gets things done with a passion and drive that is second to none. He is an excellent communicator, he is organized and has a wealth of experience to draw upon.” June 24, 2010

Kwame Jeffers, Sr. Lotus Notes Developer, Allcom Information Technology
was with another company when working with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Peter is an upright man. I love his straight forward way of being. We have led grand projects together on an International scale with amazing results.” June 24, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Mitchell Desser
hired Peter as a Business Consultant in 2008
“I’ve known & worked with Peter for over 15 years. He is a gifted mentor with the highest integrity and a depth of insight.” June 24, 2010

Victor Rocine, CMC, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Organizational Change Management (OCM)
was with another company when working with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“I have known Peter for over 30 years and in that time have come to value and respect him not only as a Business Coach and Mentor, but also as a true friend who consistently impresses me with his keen perception, his creativity and most importantly – his integrity, which is a quality I admire most. Peter’s extensive business experience coupled with his sensitivity to the individuals needs, allows him to provide his clients with an inspiring clarity, enabling them to focus on action and results…!” June 24, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Helen Szabo
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 1999, and hired Peter more than once
“Peter lasered in on what I needed and where I had to go.
Peter is a great listner and his direction is outstanding” June 24, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Sanford Peisner
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2009, and hired Peter more than once
“I have known Peter for less than a month now and he has been able to change my life, considerably.
Being unemployed for a long time I ended up in a complete depression and solitude, I had no connections, no friends.
I can’t say what Peter told me but in only two weeks I started taking classes, building a network and meeting lot of people. I am still out of work but my philosophy has changed: I no longer say “IF I will ever get a job” but rather “WHEN I will work again”.
Peter is a very good listener and focuses on problems that one rarely sees alone.
Peter’s experience, knowledge and integrity are unique and I will recommend him to anyone that wants to improve his/her life or has had the misfortune to be down for any bad event.

Lorenzo Bertuzzi, Independent Professional, Silicon Valley
was with another company when working with Peter at Marcus Coaching
“Peter brings a wealth of experience from many different industries to the table, but his most valuable resource is his ability to really listen to what I need to move forward. He is able to get my back on track in a few words
with the understanding of where I need to go.” June 24, 2010
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Mark Richards
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2008, and hired Peter more than once

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