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I provide insight, feedback and other resources. I will do this by:

Listening and giving you my full attention.
Asking questions through which you can explore your situation.
Helping you set well-formed objectives and goals.
Generating options and asking you to commit to specific actions.
Reviewing your performance and your learning from undertaking those actions.
Supporting and challenging your beliefs about yourself and the world.
Acting as a sounding board.
Interpreting with you any profiles or feedback from third parties.
Making suggestions where appropriate.
Identifying and mobilising appropriate resources.
Sharing my knowledge and experience.

Below are some of the services I provide:

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is client driven. The client sets the pace and determines the outcome. The coach provides support, structure, focus and ACCOUNTABILITY. You and I, as your coach together create an alliance for the purpose of identifying what you want in your your BusinessLife. While you are responsible for the action, I as your coach brainstorm solutions with you, and with that, help you create a plan, and support you as you move forward to reach your goals. With focus and objectives chosen in alignment with your true values and desires, you will see results more quickly. As your coach I may have knowledge and experience to share with you, but I will not boss you around. You are in charge.

How are the sessions conducted?

Executive Coaching sessions are usually 30 minutes on the phone (although they can be conducted in person) two or three times per month, depending on the issues and needs of the client. The client is responsible for calling the coach at the appointed time. The coaching relationship usually begins with an “intake” session which involves laying some groundwork for the coaching by completing some assessments and questionnaires, exploring related questions, going over procedures and discussing the client’s objectives for coaching. A typical intake session lasts around 2 hours, but it can be broken into two one-hour sessions, at the client’s option. The charge for the intake equals the charge for 4 half-hour sessions.

How long do people remain as coaching clients?

That depends entirely on the desires of the client and the goals the client chooses. Generally, it is recommended to commit to at least three months of coaching, although we do not require any particular time period. We want what works for you. Some clients have a specific goal to accomplish in coaching, and end the coaching when that goal is reached. Most clients, however, find coaching so beneficial that they keep choosing additional goals and exploring new avenues with their coach. It is not uncommon to have a coaching relationship that lasts two years or more.

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